“The Southern Environmental Law Center works behind the scenes to make a difference for future generations. This organization leads conservation initiatives in six southern states to strengthen environmental protection laws and policies.”

Southern Living

“Simply put, SELC is the muscle behind many of the landmark environmental actions in the Southeast. SELC attorneys have restored integrity and inspiration to the oft-slandered legal profession. ”

Will Harlan, Editor, Blue Ridge Outdoors

“Because SELC selects its cases carefully, and because its attorneys are so knowledgeable in their fields, it brings a high level of credibility into the courtroom—one of the most important attributes of a successful legal effort. I can’t say enough about SELC’s professionalism, passion, and expertise. Everyone deserves the opportunity to see how your organization works from the inside.”

Ray Owens, managing partner of Kennedy-Covington

“SELC is one of the most effective environmental groups in the Southeast. They deal with regional issues that we live with every day, and I am impressed with their impact and approach. They have made it their point to understand the ecology and science as well as the law and policy.”

Bill Schlesinger, President Emeritus of the Institute for Ecosystem Studies, former Dean of Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment. SELC Board of Trustees member

“SELC is a consistent voice for one of the most beautiful and biologically diverse regions in the world. They truly play a major role in defining the environmental future of the South.”

Mark Van Putten, former National Wildlife Federation President

“The importance of the Southeast really can’t be overstated. By working together with SELC, we believe we can be much more effective in finding solutions that are durable in addressing some of the tremendous human health and environmental challenges. SELC helps us make the most of our resources to achieve greater results.”

Vickie Patton, Senior Attorney at Environmental Defense Fund

“SELC has never been afraid to go into corporate boardrooms with open minds.”

Dennis Treacy, Vice-President of Environmental Affairs at Smithfield Foods Inc., formerly with with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

“SELC is known as having very smart lawyers who can see the bigger picture. They’re great in the courtroom, and they’re politically savvy. ...They’re real heavyweights.”

Alex Levinson, Deputy Legal Director, Sierra Club

“I’ve been exposed to a lot of non-profit organizations, and I will say that the Southern Environmental Law Center has the most impressive staff out there. There is no group more worthy of the investment.”

Matt Hapgood, Co-founder and President of FlyRight, Inc., SELC Board of Trustees member

“The Southern Environmental Law Center is the best managed organization—non-profit or corporate—that I have ever been associated with.”

Mark Logan, Former Chair and CEO of VISX, Inc., former SELC Board of Trustees member