Above & Beyond

At SELC, we're driven to go above and beyond in our work to protect the air, the water, and the special places of the Southeast. As we continue tackling some of the most important environmental issues in the nation, we're highlighting what motivates our attorneys to go above and beyond. Learn more about their work and support SELC during this season of giving so we can continue to protect the places we all call home.

“I work with a lot of courageous people and I have become a stronger advocate working alongside them. I consider it a privilege to do this important work of tying social justice to environmental protections.”

-Senior Attorney Chandra Taylor

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Charity Navigator

Jeff Gleason, Executive Director

“I am so proud and honored to be leading the Southern Environmental Law Center at this time in the organization's history.”

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Sierra Weaver, Coast and Wetlands Program Leader

“I went to law school because I wanted to do the kind of work that would let people live their best lives.”


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