Coal Mining: A Threat to Alabama Waters

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SELC, partners challenge coal mine’s permit to fill streams feed Alabama river

Conservation groups are challenging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ approval of another permit authorizing coal mining material to be dumped into streams that feed into the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River in Alabama’s Jefferson County. The...

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President dismantles stream protections, threatening drinking water for Southeasterners, nation

Today President Donald Trump signed into law a repeal of the Stream Protection Rule, dismantling key protections that help keep our drinking water safe from coal pollution. The President’s signature on this bill marks the first anti-environmental...

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New protections announced for coal country streams

Today, the federal government authorized new rules holding polluters accountable for mining pollution in the nation’s waterways. In releasing the final Stream Protection Rule, the Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement provided the...

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SELC, partners file suit over acid mine pollution from abandoned Maxine site

SELC and our partners have filed a lawsuit against Drummond Company to stop acidic runoff and mine drainage at an abandoned mine site from streaming into tributaries of the Black Warrior River. When mining ceased at the Maxine Mine site, located...

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SELC, partners urge cleanup of abandoned mine site polluting Black Warrior River

SELC and partners Black Warrior Riverkeeper and Public Justice filed a notice of intent to sue today against Drummond Company for violations at its Maxine Mine site, an abandoned underground coal mine on the banks of the Locust Fork of the Black...

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Corps suspends permit in response to Black Creek Mine challenge

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has suspended a permit for stream filling in response to a challenge SELC and our partners filed last month. In light of the claims around the permit’s adverse impacts on water quality and rare aquatic wildlife...

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SELC appeals decision to allow unlimited stream filling

SELC and our partners have filed an appeal in response to a court’s decision that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers can continue to allow unfettered stream filling under a flawed permit, despite the Corps’ finding that the harmful impacts to...

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Court orders Corps to fix errors, but won’t toss coal permits

For over two years, SELC and our partners have been working to get rid of a harmful, controversial permit that allows for unlimited filling of streams and wetlands with mining material in the Black Warrior River basin, a major source of drinking...

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Groups Challenge Flawed Coal Mine Permitting along Black Warrior River

The continued use of a controversial permit in the Black Warrior River watershed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers fails to comply with federal requirements for surface mining, according to a lawsuit filed today by the Southern Environmental Law...

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Shepherd Bend Mine and Birmingham’s Water Supply

SELC continues a years-long effort to reverse the state’s decision to allow the 1,700-acre Shepherd Bend mine to release wastewater just upstream from an intake for the Birmingham Water Works—the source of drinking water for some 200,000 people. On...

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Defending Alabama’s Rivers from Coal Mine Pollution

SELC and its partners continue to wage a legal campaign to reform Alabama’s woefully lax approach to regulating pollution from new coal mines in the Black Warrior River basin. For several years we have been engaged in a court battle to overturn the...

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