Offshore Wind

Areas off the Atlantic Coast designated for offshore wind power development have the potential to produce more than 16,000 MW of clean energy (equivalent to 16 or more fossil fuel power plants).


SELC Backs Accelerated Development of Clean Energy Source

A Huge Resource for the Southeast

Dominion Energy has planted a pair wind turbines 27 miles off the coast of Virginia in the utility’s demonstration of the technology, and as part of the company’s plans to begin a transition to more renewable energy.

North Carolina may not be far behind after an announcement from Avangrid Renewables that the company is planning a wind farm off the coast of the northern Outer Banks. The company told The Virginian-Pilotnewspaper that the project would eventually support 200 jobs and provide $2 billion in economic benefits in the next decade. 

The Mid-Atlantic is behind other regions in pursuing the promise of wind energy, but these projects show it is catching up. 

Dominion’s efforts were spurred in part by a 2020 legislative effort in Virginia, spearheaded by Gov. Ralph Northam, to create a carbon-free power grid by 2050.

The push is long overdue. The winds off the southeast coast have the raw potential to meet much of our region’s power demands. They can also help our nation meet the twin objectives of reducing carbon pollution and increasing energy independence.

With its expertise in energy law and policy, as well as coast and wetlands protection, SELC is providing leadership our region needs to tap into this huge resource. If done responsibly and in the right locations, offshore wind power promises to generate not only clean electricity, but also jobs and economic growth for our states. 

First Steps for Virginia and North Carolina

The relatively shallow waters off the Virginia and North Carolina coast offer some of the best wind power sites in the country. These waters are also habitat for marine mammals including endangered whales, and birds, that must be protected as the wind resource is developed.

SELC stands ready to use its expertise to ensure these new wind-energy efforts provide clean energy to our coast and protect wildlife, while also creating new, sustainable jobs and a booming clean-energy economy.

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