Pollution from Industrial Animal Operations

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The scoop on our latest biogas actions

On February 4 and 5, SELC doubled down on its mission to protect clean air and clean water in North Carolina with a letter and legal challenge related to the many pitfalls of creating biogas with hog feces. First, SELC and over two dozen organizatio...

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Lawsuit Says Smithfield, Dominion Hid Information on Air Pollution from First Large Scale Biogas Facility in North Carolina

CHAPEL HILL, NC— On behalf of Clean Air Carolina, the Southern Environmental Law Center today challenged in the N.C. Office of Administrative Hearings the air permit for largest biogas facility in the state that would rely on untreated waste pits at...

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The dirty truth about biogas production and how to take action in NC

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality is currently accepting public comments about draft water quality permits for 4 of the 19 industrial hog operations that are part of the Grady Road Project, the first project that relies on pollut...

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SELC op-ed: A fork in the road for responsible NC hog farming

A federal appeals court ruled in November that it was ok for a jury to award monetary damages to neighbors of a Smithfield Foods controlled hog operation in Bladen County, North Carolina. “It is past time to acknowledge the full harms that the unref...

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Appeals court affirms Smithfield’s liability for noxious odors, noise, and pests

The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals found Murphy-Brown/Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork producers, liable for noxious odors, noise, and pests caused by its hog operations and upheld jury verdicts for neighbors. The decision is an impor...

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Agreement reached to protect Rocky River Watershed

On behalf of Rocky River Watch, SELC just reached a settlement with the Town of Siler City and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality under which Siler City and DEQ have agreed to take immediate action to protect the Rocky River water...

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Spraying animal waste is bad, and worse before a hurricane

As coastal communities along the Outer Banks and beyond continue to rebuild after the destruction wrought by Hurricane Dorian, there’s an additional worry on the minds of folks living in rural North Carolina: the spraying of untreated hog waste befor...

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