SELC Amicus Society

To all of you who have supported the Southern Environmental Law Center through generous and loyal annual support, many thanks. I hope you are proud of the powerful, flexible, effective organization you have helped to build, and of the results you have made possible.
To old and new supporters alike, we invite you to become a Friend for the Future by making a legacy gift to the Southern Environmental Law Center.  There are various options—a bequest, a trust, making SELC a beneficiary of your retirement account, for instance—that could enable you to support SELC while meeting our own financial needs and plans.
Making a planned gift this year would make you a member of SELC’s Amicus Society. As an SELC Amicus, you will be among SELC’s closest, most valuable partners. You will give us the flexibility to jump right on new threats or to implement priority projects that are under-funded. You will allow us to dig in and build up substantial expertise in the most important environmental issues facing our region. You will give us the confidence to go up against the biggest, most powerful anti-environmental opponents. You will enable us to take on and stick with litigation or other actions that play out over many years. And you will leave a strong legacy that will continue to defend our region’s precious environment, even long after you are gone.

Thanks for making SELC’s mission your mission,

—Jeff Gleason
Executive Director