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Atlanta traffic woes worsen as other major highways take hits

Over the weekend, several Atlanta residents voiced their concerns in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the city’s lack of transportation options in light of the I-85 bridge collapse. State Senator Brandon Beach (R-Alpharetta... Read More »

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Trump agency attorneys signal attack on mercury rule

The Trump administration on Tuesday asked to delay a court hearing on the already-implemented federal Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, a signal that the administration's Environmental Protection Agency will soon have marching ord... Read More »

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Virginia Governor, legislators, environmental groups join forces to stand up to Dominion on coal ash

The Virginia Senate and House have approved Governor Terry McAuliffe’s amendments to a coal ash bill that requires Dominion Energy to complete assessments of coal ash sites before it can receive any closure permits. This comes aft... Read More »

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Major highway collapse shows Atlanta’s overreliance on roads

Thousands of commuters can personally attest to Atlanta’s dependence on roads after a major highway overpass caught fire and collapsed during peak rush hour Thursday. While fortunately there were no reported injuries or fatalities... Read More »

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Court rules Dominion’s coal ash illegally pollutes Virginia’s Elizabeth River

A federal judge today ruled that Dominion Virginia Power is violating the Clean Water Act because coal ash is contaminating groundwater flowing from the site of a former coal-burning power plant into the nearby Elizabeth River. T... Read More »

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Duke Energy proposes increasing carcinogens downstream in permit renewal

As part of its 2015 criminal plea agreement, Duke Energy admitted that bromide discharged into rivers and lakes from its coal ash operations have caused carcinogens to form in downstream drinking water systems. Some of these carci... Read More »

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Augusta County first in Virginia to prohibit fracking

In a nearly unanimous decision, the August County Board of Supervisors clearly and confidently voted on Wednesday night to prohibit fracking. As other Virginia localities grapple with how to address risks from fracking and industr... Read More »

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President dismantles stream protections, threatening drinking water for Southeasterners, nation

Today President Donald Trump signed into law a repeal of the Stream Protection Rule, dismantling key protections that help keep our drinking water safe from coal pollution. The President’s signature on this bill marks the first an... Read More »

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Carolina utility looking to keep customers by offering community solar

Worried about market share as more people turn to ever-cheaper solar energy, some utilities are planning “community solar” projects to retain customers looking for clean energy alternatives. A recent Associated Press article note... Read More »

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Virginia General Assembly giving coal ash storage a much-needed closer look

This past Thursday, the third anniversary of the Dan River coal ash spill, Virginia legislators took a small but significant step towards addressing the state’s coal ash problem. A coal ash bill introduced by Sen. Scott Surovell (... Read More »

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