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SELC Press Releases

EPA Proposes Rule to Limit States’ Ability to Protect People & Clean Water from Pollution

An administration’s proposal published today in the Federal Register would limit the information states have when making decisions about how to protect people and clean water from pollution. Read More »

Northam Administration takes important step to improve DEQ

Today, Secretary of Natural Resources Matthew J. Strickler released to Governor Ralph Northam a report setting forth recommendations to improve the Department of Environmental Quality.  Read More »

Moving North Carolina towards Clean Energy a Necessary Step to Combat Climate Change

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.—The Southern Environmental Law Center issued the following statement regarding today’s release of a draft clean energy plan by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. Read More »

Weakening of Endangered Species Act Threatens America’s Wild & Natural Heritage

The Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) released the following statement in reaction to the administration’s attempt to dismantle the Endangered Species Act. Read More »

Reports Confirm Georgia Power Coal Ash Pits Slated for Cap in Place Submerged in Groundwater

ATLANTA, GA—New evidence confirms that Georgia Power’s unlined coal ash pits proposed to be capped in place are submerged in groundwater, and that the utility seeks to use Georgia’s groundwater as a permanent waste dumping ground. Read More »

SELC Calls for Submissions for 2020 Phil Reed Environmental Writing Awards

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—The Southern Environmental Law Center is now accepting submissions for the 2020 Phillip D. Reed Environmental Writing Awards. Read More »

Administrative Court Confirms State Authority to Require Duke Energy Clean Up its Coal Ash Pollution

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.—A North Carolina administrative law judge today confirmed the state of North Carolina’s authority to require cleanup of Duke Energy’s coal ash pollution of groundwater, dismissing part of Duke Energy’s challenge to the state’s April... Read More »

Federal Court Strikes Down ACP Permit

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals threw out Dominion and Duke Energy’s Fish and Wildlife permit because it failed to protect endangered species in the pipeline’s path. Read More »

United States, North Carolina and Virginia File Suit Against Duke Energy for Harm from Dan River Coal Ash Spill

The following is a statement from Frank Holleman, senior attorney at the SELC, regarding a complaint filed today in federal court by the U.S. Department of Justice, NC, and VA against Duke Energy for harm from its coal ash spill into the Dan River. Read More »

Flawed Consent Decree Fails Local Communities Impacted by ABC Coke’s Illegal Pollution

BIRMINGHAM, AL—Conservation groups are charging that a proposed consent decree is woefully inadequate in addressing the impacts of ABC Coke’s illegal levels of toxic pollution on local communities around northeast Birmingham and Tarrant, AL. Read More »

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