Governor Northam Strengthens Preparation for Climate Change

RICHMOND, VA — Today Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued an Executive Order on Increasing Virginia’s Resilience to Sea Level Rise and Natural Hazards.

“We applaud the Governor for recognizing the increased risk of coastal flooding and severe weather events as our climate changes, and for taking a number of steps today to respond to these risks and strengthen the Commonwealth’s resiliency,” said Trip Pollard, senior attorney and leader of the Southern Environmental Law Center’s Land and Community Program. “It is only prudent to recognize and address the risks of a changing climate, although such a common-sense approach is in direct contrast to the Trump administration’s head in the sand climate denial. Sea level rise and increased flooding in Hampton Roads and recent tornadoes ripping through the Richmond region underscore the need for a thoughtful and coordinated effort to prepare and adapt to a changing climate. The steps laid out in Governor Northam’s executive order are a strong start toward building a more resilient Commonwealth.”


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