News | January 4, 2023

South Carolinians need a voice in pipeline decisions

A message from Senior Attorney Frank Holleman

A headshot of Frank Holleman. He wears glasses, a black jacket, and blue collared shirt with a blue striped tie.

For years, our beautiful South Carolina countrysides have been targets for corporations looking to build gas pipelines on our private property. Under current regulations, these for-profit companies can use eminent domain to seize land – without public input or awareness – for their own corporate gain. But these companies shouldn’t be allowed to operate in the shadows when it comes to taking land from private property owners.

The South Carolina Public Service Commission is considering changes to gas pipeline regulations. South Carolinians deserve to be informed about these projects, notified of their rights, and given the opportunity to ask questions about projects that might impact their communities.

We need your voice heard as we ask the Public Service Commission to defend our right to public notice and input about pipelines. Join me now in urging our decisionmakers to make sure we have a voice when gas pipeline corporations push to seize private property.

Frank Holleman

SELC Senior Attorney