News | January 20, 2010

Alabama River Receives Special Protection

Thanks in part to SELC’s advocacy, the Magnolia River has been designated an Outstanding Alabama Water. In a move strongly supported by SELC and its partners, the Alabama Environmental Management Commission voted unanimously in December to accord the state’s highest protection status to the Baldwin County waterway. The Magnolia is one of the chief sources of fresh water in Weeks Bay, a highly productive estuary linked by a small inlet to Mobile Bay. SELC is working with local officials to protect Weeks Bay and its tributaries from polluted runoff and other impacts of new development in the area.

“We applaud this important change in designation for the Magnolia River,” says SELC Senior Attorney Gil Rogers, who last year helped the town of Magnolia Springs develop a runoff control ordinance to protect the river. “The Magnolia River and Weeks Bay are rich in biodiversity and are among the most pristine waters in Alabama. This decision will help protect this watershed for the enjoyment of future generations.”