News | December 22, 2022

Congress strikes down dirty side deal again

Virginians attending a march in Washington D.C. wore posters supporting the efforts to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline. (©Phuong Tran)

A message from Nat Mund, SELC Director of Federal Affairs

As 2022 comes to a close, we wanted to share an important update with you regarding efforts to pass a side deal in Congress that would have gutted long-held environmental protections, while forcing the completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

We first defeated this political backroom deal as thousands reached out to legislators to rally against this proposal. But the efforts did not stop there. Last week, there was yet another attempt to attach this controversial permitting proposal to must-pass legislation being voted on by Congress.

And once again these attempts were blocked.

Now for the third time this side deal, threatening public health, jeopardizing climate progress, and disempowering frontline communities, has failed to make it into must pass legislation.

In 2023, we will remain vigilant against future attempts to put communities at risk by passing this dirty side deal and alert you if your voice is needed.

But today, I’m reflecting on the stand we took together and I’m grateful for this victory. Thank you for continued support and advocacy around this issue.

Nat Mund

SELC Director of Federal Affairs