News | October 29, 2018

Cooper prepares North Carolina for climate change

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper today took a decisive step forward to fight climate change and strengthen the resiliency of communities after hurricanes pummeled the state twice in two years. While key protections are being stripped away at the federal level, North Carolina is moving forward.

While the Trump administration denies and withdraws, North Carolina has joined many other states and the rest of the world in taking on the crisis of climate change,” said Derb Carter, director of the SELC’s North Carolina offices. “We commend Governor Cooper for his leadership in confronting the biggest environmental challenge we face. Moving swiftly to clean sources of energy, smarter transportation and development, and enhanced natural defenses will build a stronger and more resilient North Carolina while growing our economy.

With Cooper’s announcement to reduce heat-trapping carbon emissions statewide 40 percent by 2025, using a 2005 baseline, North Carolina joins many cities, states, and countries worldwide in pursuit of the same target to avoid the more devastating impacts of climate change. The Executive Order issued by the governor directs every cabinet agency to evaluate the impacts of climate change, develop plans to address these impacts, and integrate these plans into their programs. This is in stark contrast to former state officials who have attempted to hide or deny the impacts North Carolinians are seeing across the state from sea level rise, extreme weather events and more.

SELC remains committed to working with this administration to ensure that North Carolina continues to do the right thing for its citizens, the nation, and the global community, regardless of reckless decisions being made at the federal level.