News | May 7, 2012

DENR report lacks support for conclusion that fracking can be done safely in NC

In its final report to the General Assembly released last week, the Department of Natural Resources (DENR) offers zero support for its conclusion that fracking can be done safely in North Carolina. In fact, the report raises significant unanswered questions about how fracking will affect communities and the environment. The report also confirms that protecting North Carolina’s air and water from the effects of fracking will require a level of oversight far beyond the current capacity of state regulatory agencies. SELC has been engaged throughout the study process and will continue to call attention to the numerous economic and environmental risks the state must examine, including not only the threats of water pollution, but also the enormous volumes of water used in the fracking process, the disposal of chemical-laden wastewater, the impacts of new roads and pipelines, and air pollution from drilling sites. For more information, read SELC’s comments in response to DENR’s draft report in April.