News | July 12, 2022

Examining environmental injustice

Join us as we pursue environmental justice in the South and beyond

In an equitable and just society, everyone would have their say about decisions impacting their neighborhood, health, and environment—but, in the South and across the U.S., this is often not the case.  

Watch Chandra Taylor-Sawyer, leader of Southern Environmental Law Center’s Environmental Justice Initiative, kick off our new video series exploring environmental injustices that communities throughout the South fight daily. Just hit play. 

What is environmental justice?

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The unfair and unjust consequences of decades of environmental decisions and policy making without—or often in spite of—community input is especially apparent throughout the South, where more than 55% of the population is Black. We know landfills, polluting industries, and highways are more likely to be situated in communities of color and lower wealth communities and that knowledge drives us to find better solutions.  

At SELC, we fight for a healthy environment for all alongside communities on the ground across our region.

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