News | November 6, 2015

Industry again attacks Chesapeake Bay clean-up efforts, sending case to Supreme Court

Last July, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a critical federal program to reduce pollution affecting the Chesapeake Bay, rejecting the attempt of agriculture and construction lobbying organizations to derail the collaborative, multi-state effort to clean up the Bay. Today many of those same industry groups petitioned the United States Supreme Court to review the case in hopes of overturning that decision.

“The courts have recognized the EPA’s authority to develop a cleanup plan for this national treasure,” said Staff Attorney Kristin Davis. “We believe the Supreme Court will deny this petition, finding it unnecessary to revisit the issue.”

Defenders of Wildlife, represented by SELC, joined Chesapeake Bay Foundation and other organizations as intervenors in the 2011 lawsuit to defend the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to limit pollution in the Bay under the Clean Water Act. SELC’s work continues to support implementation of the Bay cleanup plan.