News | April 1, 2015

Listen in: Solar poised for major leap forward in South Carolina

South Carolina boasts the tenth-best solar power potential in the U.S., but until now, there has not been robust solar development in the state. That, however, is changing quickly.

Last year SELC helped to draft and pass compromise legislation to allow solar power to grow in South Carolina. Now the state’s Public Service Commission has approved another SELC-brokered compromise: customers will get full retail credit for any excess power their solar panels provide to the grid. Taken together these two measures have helped the state to leapfrog from a laggard to a leader in solar power, and South Carolina is now poised for major growth in the solar sector.

Listen in as SELC Senior Attorney Blan Holman, a South Carolina native, talks about what the new law will do, when solar will begin to take off, and why compromise was possible.