News | December 19, 2011

Long-awaited National Academy of Sciences report released

The National Academy of Sciences today released along-awaited report examining the scientific, technical, environmental, human health and safety, and regulatory aspects of uranium mining, milling, and processing as they relate to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The lengthy report compiles research on uranium mining and waste disposal from around the country, but does not make any recommendations about whether Virginia should or should not allow uranium mining. It was commissioned by the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission and is part of an ongoing contract between the commission and NAS that includes a public outreach and public meeting period over the next five months.

To view and download a copy of the report, visit either the National Academy of Sciences web page on this issue, or the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission web page.

The report's release marks the beginning of an extensive public education process by the NAS, which includes public meetings as described in its contract with the state.  SELC and the Keep the Ban Coalition call on the General Assembly to honor this public outreach period and to not take any action on the uranium mining issue in the 2012 session.

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