News | September 20, 2022

Let’s make Georgia energy bills affordable

Special message from SELC’s Senior Attorney, Jill Kysor

You might already know that Georgians face some of the highest electric bills in the country — the average household shells out more than $150 to keep the lights on every month. And bills are about to go up. I’m reaching out about how we can reduce the impact on Georgia households. 

Georgia Power can be required to promote policies that give customers more control over their energy bills — ones that let customers use less and pay less on monthly bills. But right now, Georgia Power is asking its regulators — the Public Service Commission — to let it impose rates and enact programs that give you less freedom to reduce your bills when you invest in clean energy or simply reduce your electric usage. For example, Georgia Power strongly opposes expanding access to its popular rooftop solar program, which gives customers who invest in solar rooftop fair value for the clean energy they provide. Energy bills are about to rise rapidly in Georgia, due in large part to huge expenses from Georgia Power’s overbudget nuclear expansion at Plant Vogtle and rising methane gas prices. We need relief now more than ever.  

Join me in asking the Public Service Commission to give customers the ability to reduce our bills when we reduce our energy usage. And join me in asking the Public Service Commission to remove the cap on Georgia Power’s popular rooftop solar program so that more Georgians can control rising electric bills. 

The Commission has clearly heard Georgians asking for bill relief by ordering Georgia Power to invest more in affordable solar and energy efficiency in the past — urge our leaders to require the utility do even more to support customers who need it most.


Jill Kysor

SELC Senior Attorney

Tell Georgia leaders our power bills are too high.