News | December 4, 2023

Making big ideas a reality

A special message from DJ Gerken, SELC's Executive Director
DJ Gerken

Traditionally, at the end of the year we take the time to look back and celebrate our victories.

Not this year. 

This year, I am asking you to look forward with me, to think big about what we can achieve next, together. With your support, we are thinking big about the South’s environmental future and taking action to build it by: 

  • Ensuring billions of dollars in new federal funding accelerates deployment of clean energy investments in our region.  
  • Preparing our communities to be resilient in the face of a changing climate. 
  • Cleaning up air pollution that threatens communities across the South.  
  • Taking legal action against polluters to stop toxic forever chemicals at the source and trailblazing a national model for addressing this health threat. 
  • Building a network of community partners to stand against environmental injustices. 
  • Protecting wetlands at risk and building a region-wide strategy that draws on our expertise in state clean water laws. 
  • Defending imperiled wildlife by pushing back against the threats of disappearing habitat, climate change, and weakened species protections. 

Our work always starts somewhere in the South, in one of the places you love or a community you call home, but it doesn’t stop here. We’ve learned over nearly 40 years that, when we defend southern communities and wild places, we pioneer solutions that benefit the whole region and lead the way for the nation.

Thank you for standing with us.

We can make big ideas a reality with your help.