News | October 3, 2013

New film looks at the harmful environmental and economic impacts of the Northern Beltline

With the latest news that the first 1.3 mile permit has been approved for a small portion of Birmingham’s proposed 52 mile Northern Beltline, questions and concerns about the $5.4 billion-project – and its significant environmental and economic impacts – grow.

One of the films at the recent Southern Exposure film festival premiere, a SELC fellowship program created to raise awareness about Alabama's rich natural resources and most important environmental issues facing them today, put these issues in the spotlight.

This short film features many of the local figures, including property owners affected by the project, who have raised concerns about whether this project is right for Birmingham. After premiering in Birmingham a few weeks ago, this film is now being viewed across the South and drawing new attention to what would be Alabama’s most expensive road project ever – a 6 lane highway that will only relieve one to three percent of downtown Birmingham traffic. The film is now available online and can be viewed here: Watch the Film