News | July 5, 2018

New series explores red wolf viewpoints during critical period

WildSides—an independent nonprofit dedicated to investigating and documenting controversies involving wildlife—has launched Red Wolf Conflict Untangled, a new project exploring key issues related to red wolf recovery in eastern North Carolina during the same time period that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is seeking input on its proposal to severely rollback red wolf recovery efforts.  

On June 28, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released a proposed rule recommending that the world’s only wild population of red wolves be restricted to a refuge and bombing range in Eastern North Carolina—a reduction in habitat of around 90% from the current five-county red wolf recovery area. At the same time, the rule authorizes red wolves to be shot, trapped, or killed outside of the proposed limited range. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife is holding a public comment period on its proposed rule through July 30.  

WildSides has released the first in a series of short videos that will include rare red wolf video footage, in-depth factual information, and in-person interviews with people representing a variety of viewpoints regarding red wolf issues. The multimedia project will regularly post new videos exploring different aspects of red wolf recovery through personal stories and stunning images. Red Wolf Conflict Untangled aims to help inform the public about red wolf topics and viewpoints during the critical Fish and Wildlife Service public comment period.

WildSides is currently asking people to weigh in on which topics they would like to see covered throughout the course of the Red Wolf Conflict Untangled project. Possible topics include Stories from the Early Years of Red Wolf Introduction, Why Red Wolves in the First Place, and Hunting in Northeastern North Carolina.