News | November 10, 2016

Not our home, not on our watch

A message from Rick Middleton, SELC’s Founder and Executive Director.

We know this week’s election means an unprecedented attempt from Washington to roll back longstanding environmental protections and progress we’ve achieved. Our response is simple: not our home, not on our watch.

SELC has been here for 30 years working in, for, and alongside Southeastern communities that deserve and demand clean air, clean water, and the beautiful places that provide solace and inspiration for us all. What we stand for and what we do on behalf of the people and places we protect is needed more today than it was yesterday.

This is likely to be one of the most anti-environmental administrations of our time. But SELC has been in this situation before and we know how to persevere and prevail. Now is not the time to shrink away or cast aside hope, but rather the time to work with renewed commitment, energy, and passion. We’re not just going to fight—we’re going to win.

There are often setbacks in our common quest to defend all that is special about this region, but our determination and success in overcoming those setbacks means the trend of progress continues. I look forward to continue standing alongside all of you to protect our Southeastern environment and all the people who depend on it.

You can count on us.