News | May 24, 2011

ODEC plant would threaten human health and burden economy, report says

According to a recent report by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, ODEC's proposed plant could cause $200 million in annual health care costs, including an estimated 442 asthma attacks, 40 heart attacks, 3,340 lost work days, and 26 premature deaths across the mid-Atlantic states.  The report illustrates that the toll on human, environmental, and economic health from the massive coal plant in Surry would vastly outweigh the supposed benefits of the plant. 

In September 2010, ODEC announced that it would delay plans for the plant for up to two years.  However, it continues to pursue several permits necessary for the project.  With our partners in the Wise Energy for Virginia Coalition, SELC continues to oppose the plant and urge ODEC to pull the plug on this outmoded, costly, and environmentally hazardous project and instead pursue renewable energy sources and efficiency programs.

Read CBF's report: A Coal Plant's Drain on Health and Wealth (pdf)