News | July 19, 2010

Old-growth forests protected under new plan

In welcome news in our years-long effort to save the Globe forest from the axe, the US Forest Service announced a redirection of its management of this environmentally special and popular place of the Pisgah National Forest. The agency has combined the Globe project with another, the Mulberry project, as a “stewardship project,” and substantially reduced logging and road-building in both areas.

Significantly, the revised plan eliminates cutting of any old-growth stands – one of SELC's top priorities for this case. In addition, proposed logging in the Globe was decreased from 212 acres to 137 acres (and in the Mulberry area, from 235 acres to 209), temporary roads were reduced from 1.5 miles to half a mile, and no permanent roads will be built. The logging activity will be designed to lessen the visual impact to the nearby Blowing Rock community.

 As a “stewardship project,” proceeds from the timber harvesting will go directly back to this area of the Grandfather Ranger District, rather than to the U.S. Treasury where most national forest timber receipts go.

The revised plan is the result of a collaborative effort by multiple stakeholders over the last several years, including SELC.