News | May 22, 2009

Savannah Magazine Highlights SELC’s Work on the Georgia Coast

More and more people are flocking to the Georgia coast to enjoy its natural wonders—from its sandy beaches to its tidal creeks and rivers to its cypress swamps and salt marsh. But will the region’s popularity destroy the very natural features that draw so many new residents? In “Winning on the Waterfront,” an article by Brad Swope, the online edition of Savannah Magazine takes a fresh look at this question and points to SELC’s in-depth assessment of threats to the Georgia coast as a source for answers. The magazine also highlights our strategic goals for saving this remarkable region.

SELC’s report, “At the Tipping Point,” emphasizes that uncontrolled development is the greatest threat to the Georgia coast and its ecological riches. And it’s still a threat, despite the chill in the housing market. The Savannah Magazine article notes that home construction around Savannah “shows the coast remains a target for developers, as retiring baby boomers seek an Atlantic locale.”  Before that next wave hits, the magazine points out, SELC “hopes to inspire residents to protect the natural environment that first brought them here.” Read the article online at