News | March 5, 2009

SCDOT Agrees to “Fix It First”

In keeping with SELC’s call to “fix it first,” the South Carolina Department of Transportation has agreed to dedicate the vast majority of its money from the economic stimulus package to improving the state’s existing roads and bridges—and not to any new road-building projects, including I-73. SELC is urging all six states in our region to do the same: spend stimulus dollars with a “fix-it-first” approach, which will distribute money across the states and maximize job-creation potential for all residents.

“With this unprecedented investment, it is imperative for states to ensure their share of this taxpayer money is spent on the most cost-effective, environmentally sound projects that will help strengthen our communities,” says SELC attorney David Farren. “If states use the new money wisely, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and responding to changing approaches to land use and development in metro areas, they will be poised to take advantage of future funding opportunities.”