News | May 9, 2019

SELC argues problematic pipeline permit again in federal court

Today SELC was before a federal court in Richmond for oral arguments in the case addressing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s impacts to endangered species. These species, which are facing unprecedented threats, require intact habitats and occupy some of the wildest remaining areas in Virginia and West Virginia—areas unsuitable for the destructive, unnecessary Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Since May 2018, a federal court or the federal agencies themselves have vacated, stayed, or suspended seven required permits for the ACP, and Dominion was forced to halt all project construction indefinitely in December 2018. Without these permits, the proposed route lacks a lawful path forward. Dominion and its partners have yet to show that the pipeline is necessary to meet natural gas demand in the region. If constructed, utility customers in Virginia and North Carolina will foot the hefty bill while the energy companies collect a yearly 15 percent profit.