News | July 2, 2018

SELC: Defenders of Justice

SELC is honored to be named a Defender of Justice in the litigation category for 2018 by the North Carolina Justice Center.

Each year, the North Carolina Justice Center presents its Defender of Justice Awards to honor individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions in the fight against poverty in four areas that reflect the scope of the Justice Center’s work: legislative advocacy, policy research and advocacy, litigation, and grassroots empowerment.

The award acknowledged SELC longstanding and ongoing efforts across North Carolina to tackle issues of justice on multiple fronts. Some examples include SELC’s work to:

  • highlight the disproportionate impact of projects like the Atlantic Coast Pipeline on minority communities,
  • ensure public access to government documents,
  • push monopoly utilities to put customer interests before shareholders, and
  • promote better transit and transportation options.