News | May 2, 2023

A message on Senator Manchin’s latest attempt to fast-track fossil fuel projects

This Month, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin once again introduced a permitting bill intended to fast-track fossil fuel projects, especially the expensive and risky Mountain Valley Pipeline.  

Nat Mund, Director of Federal Affiars

The Building American Energy Security Act is Manchin’s latest effort to reintroduce the legislation, which failed to garner enough votes in 2022. It includes provisions to complete the Mountain Valley Pipeline and other polluting infrastructure that would put communities across the South and nationwide at risk.  

“It should be clear by now that this bill does not have the support from Congress or the public,” says Director of Federal Affairs Nat Mund. “As historic climate action made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act moves the country toward a clean energy future, handouts to fossil fuel companies take us in the opposite direction.”

Adds Mund, “We will continue to stand with local communities and others in staunch opposition to the Mountain Valley Pipeline and any proposal that causes harm to our communities and the environment in order to line industry pockets.”