News | April 11, 2023

Special Earth Month message from SELC’s Climate Initiative Leader, Alys Campaigne

Photo Taken In Hilton Head Island, United States

As I reflect on how we confront a changing climate this Earth Month, I have a sense of urgency, but also great hope for our environmental future. The impacts of climate change are upon us, but at SELC, we know the path forward to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to address the climate crisis. It is a moment we cannot take for granted and we are thankful to have supporters like you by our side

Last summer, the U.S. passed the most ambitious climate legislation in our country’s history. It aims to lower our nation’s carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030 and offers us a chance to start on a new path toward climate solutions. This is a generational opportunity to reimagine public and private investments for cleaner energy development, jumpstart innovative ways to make energy usage more efficient, build more resilient communities, and plan for and mitigate climate risks. We are already taking advantage of this historic law to set in motion a paradigm shift that will help our region lead the way forward on renewable energy and adapt to a changing climate.  

This Earth Month, be part of the solution and support our critical work.

Spent wisely, the Inflation Reduction Act — or IRA — can cut Americans’ energy costs, create good jobs, and put us on track to stabilize our climate. Yet without oversight and partnership at the state and local level, taxpayer money could be wasted on projects that put more people in harm’s way and leave us vulnerable to climate-induced storms and floods. Energy, development, and transportation investments lock in decades of climate consequences. 

SELC is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the current moment to enact meaningful long-term environmental progress for our region and beyond. We are already working on the ground and will continue to advocate at all levels of government to get it right. And we will be prepared to hold decision-makers accountable to make sure that projects are implemented in inclusive and transformational ways that demonstrate the power of public investments in climate solutions. 

This is a critical time to get it right. Together we can drive solutions forward in the South. Please be part of the solution and donate to support SELC this Earth Month

Thank you for your generosity and commitment, 

Alys Campaigne 
Climate Initiative Leader