News | March 25, 2010

State Panel Ok’s Energy Efficiency Steps for Dominion’s Customers

In a major step toward cutting electricity use and air pollution in Virginia, the State Corporation Commission (SCC) has approved several energy-efficiency programs proposed by Dominion Power that SELC had supported, while rejecting others that would not bear true energy savings. (Click here for the full ruling.)

Of eleven programs considered by the SCC, five were approved, including incentives for Dominion's residential customers to install energy efficient lighting and to allow the company to temporarily turn off central heating and air systems during peak demand, energy audits and home improvements for low-income customers, and incentives for commercial customers to install efficient lighting and heating-and-cooling systems. The SCC approval allows Dominion to recoup the cost of these programs on electric bills.

Six other programs, which SELC had opposed, were rejected for rate-recovery as not being in the public interest. Reflecting one of our key recommendations for an established collaborate process to allow all stakeholders to weigh in on Dominion's energy efficiency efforts going forward, the commission set a three-year timeline on the approved programs and required Dominion to provide progress reports every six months.

SELC looks forward to continuing our dialogue with Dominion Power to ensure the most cost-effective efficiency programs are made available so Virginians can reap the full benefits of energy efficiency, including lower electric bills and lower pollution.