News | September 16, 2022

Tell leaders no new offshore drilling in the Gulf

A dolphin enjoys the wake from a 90-foot sport fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico.

Special message from SELC’s Leader of Coast and Wetlands Program, Sierra Weaver

As someone who’s committed to protecting our coast and local communities, you probably remember when the Biden administration agreed to end new leasing for offshore drilling.

But while the administration’s draft proposal announced this past summer reflects the intense opposition to opening the Atlantic to offshore drilling by not offering new areas off the Southeast coast, it offers additional leasing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sierra Weaver, Leader of Coast and Wetlands Program

We now need your help telling the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to not offer new oil leases anywhere off the U.S. coast.

The Gulf of Mexico has long borne the brunt of the harm inflicted by the offshore oil and gas industry and should not have to further sacrifice public health, safety, and quality of life. Continuing to expand drilling in the Gulf puts these communities—and particularly communities of color—at further risk. This proposal also fails to take seriously the threats of climate change and is at odds with recent Congressional action to cut carbon emissions and promote clean energy.

You can voice your support for bold action to phase out fossil fuels and protect the Gulf by emailing BOEM before October 6, urging the agency to extend full protections to all coastal communities and our climate future by demanding no new oil leasing anywhere.

Tell leaders no new drilling in the Gulf.