News | March 2, 2015

Questioning TVA’s claims about coal ash toxins in the water

TVA compares coal ash pollutants to a bottle of vitamins?

The Tennesseean's Tom Wilemon investigates TVA's claims about the safety of its coal ash storage. In the story TVA spokesperson compares the coal ash pollutants leaking into the Cumberland River to a bottle of vitamins, even though he admits that arsenic (a toxin known to cause cancer) is being discharged from the Gallatin power plant outside of Nashville. 

TVA claims that the amount of arsenic released is too small to matter, that the ponds storing coal ash waste aren't leaking and that they withstood the 2010 flood without any problems. But the Tennessean points out that TVA's own memos, other government records and independent tests contradict those statements.

Watch the video and read the full article “Arsenic in water from coal ash at center of TVA dispute” in The Tennesseean (by Tom Wilemon on March 2, 2015)


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