News | July 8, 2022

US Supreme Court decision hobbles EPA’s ability to fight climate change

Special message from SELC’s Director of Programs, DJ Gerken

We were deeply disappointed, but not surprised, to see last week’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to take common sense steps to rein in carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector.

Unfortunately, this decision favors coal companies, dismisses legal precedent, and ignores the climate crisis that is already hurting families and communities across the South and the country.  

Our air, water, climate, and the world we live in are only as clean as the regulations that protect them. 

Next on the Supreme Court docket: federal clean water protections. We recently filed a brief on behalf of more than 110 environmental and community organizations in support of upholding the longstanding scope of the Clean Water Act. This is the bedrock law enacted with strong bipartisan support that protects families and communities across the country by preventing unchecked industrial pollution from contaminating our waterways and drinking water sources. And the Southern Environmental Law Center is well-positioned to defend it.  

Help us take on our toughest environmental challenges by supporting this critical work.

Beyond clean water, the Supreme Court is expected to take up other key environmental issues. We will not back down. We will be resolute. We will defend the regulations and policies that protect our health, livelihood, and this unique region that we call home. 

There is no denying the road ahead will be tough – but we will be tougher.  

Our lawyers and staff remain undeterred and optimistic. With the federal government increasingly gridlocked by divided politics, SELC’s ability to produce national results, out of our work protecting the South, is needed now more than ever.

We will continue to take action to defend our environmental protections at every level of government. You will continue to hear our voice and see our results: in courtrooms and state legislatures, town halls, and the U.S. Capitol, alongside families and communities across our region. We stand stronger when we stand together in our fight for climate change solutions and environmental protections for all. 

Thank you for your continued commitment to SELC.

D.J. Gerken
Director of Programs