News | September 10, 2021

Voices for clean water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed to undo the harmful Trump administration rule that removed federal Clean Water Act protections for countless crucial waterways and wetlands, opening the doors to pollution and destruction by industry, mining and development.

Since the Trump administration’s rule went into effect in June 2020, wetlands and waterways throughout the country lost protections and are now slated for industrial development. The impacts of this rule are far-reaching and people across our region are calling for a return to federal protections that reflect the value clean water plays in all our lives.

Ryan Bethea

Founder, Oysters Carolina
Harker’s Island, North Carolina

“Clean water is at the heart of what we do at Oysters Carolina. On the coast, we’re downstream of everyone else, so strong laws to protect upstream waters and wetlands are key.”

Vera Fabian and Gordon Jenkins

Founders, Ten Mothers Farm
Cedar Grove, North Carolina

“Vegetables are made up of mostly water and so, as vegetable farmers, clean water is critical for us. Without water there can be no vegetables. Our livelihood depends on access to clean water.”

Join us in protecting clean water.

Ashley and Durrell Smith

Cofounders, Minority Outdoor Alliance
Austell, Georgia

“What brings me to the water is the landscape of the Flint River in South Georgia and the Red Hills. These areas resonate with me because the river rests within a landscape important to bobwhite quail, which I pursue with my beloved string of bird dogs. I pray that we as a people will do what we must to save and conserve our public waters in order to pass along old and new traditions, love, and reverence of the outdoors to my children and their children after me.” —Durrell Smith

Kelly Moser

Senior Attorney and Leader of SELC’s Clean Water Defense Initiative
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“As parents, we know first-hand how important water is to our families’ everyday lives, health, and well-being. Securing strong clean water protections is our responsibility, for our children today and for their children tomorrow.”

You can help protect clean water.