News | October 23, 2019

We just sued to protect clean water

SELC filed a federal lawsuit today to stop the the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from rolling back some of the country’s most important environmental protections as it continues its efforts to gut the Clean Water Act.

“This administration might not care whether we have access to clean water, but the rest of the nation does,” says Blan Holman, leader of SELC’s Clean Water Defense Initiative. “Our legal challenge today is just the first step of securing these critical protections. We will continue to fight on behalf of all Americans and our waterways.”

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The lawsuit challenges the federal government’s official repeal of the 2015 Clean Water Rule. The rule proposed in its place narrows the definition of which waters are protected by the Clean Water Act, leaving many of the streams, wetlands, and rivers that our communities depend on vulnerable to pollution. This change will affect the drinking water supply of more than 200 million people.

Click here for more details on the administration’s latest cuts to clean water protections. The video below provides background on the rule we’re challenging, though please note that the comment period mentioned has since closed.