Clean Air and Water

There is nothing more fundamental to our work than protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink. Our skies and waterways are too often plagued with harmful pollution and face ongoing efforts to strip away critical environmental protections. With our partners and communities across the South, we fight against big polluters and bad politics to make sure that our air and water quality are healthy.

Safe drinking water for all

The waterways that provide our drinking water face constant threats from pollution, with harms often falling hardest on rural or low-wealth areas and communities of color. We strengthen and enforce protections so all Southerners can count on clean drinking water.

Clean water is essential to every aspect of our lives, whether it’s the water we drink, the places we swim, or the streams we fish. It’s time we act like it by holding polluters responsible for their actions.

Geoff Gisler, Leader of SELC’s Clean Water Program

Protecting our coast from offshore drilling.

Keeping air clean for our communities

Industrial and transportation emissions burden our communities with harmful air pollution, so we’re advancing cleaner solutions and taking on the region’s biggest polluters to ensure the air we breathe is healthy.