Climate Change

Climate change is the defining environmental challenge of our time—one we cannot solve in our country without solving it in the South. Our region plays an outsized role contributing to climate change and stands to suffer the consequences more severely, from our communities that bear the brunt of more intense flooding and extreme heat, to vanishing mountain forests and wildlife. This is why nearly everything we do at SELC tackles the causes and consequences of climate change.

Explore how rising seas will impact our coast.

Fighting fossil fuel extraction and forest loss

Harmful practices to extract fossil fuels—from mountaintop removal to fracking—and to cut down carbon-storing forests are driving climate change and hurting our communities. We’re working to stop them.

Learn what it took to stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Curbing climate changing emissions

The only way to tackle climate change is to reduce carbon pollution. We push for a just and swift transition to zero-carbon energy and cleaner transportation throughout our region.

Advancing clean energy

Our legal and policy wins secure cleaner and more affordable energy across the South, with the jobs and healthier communities that come along with it.

See the success of solar in the sunny south.

Minimizing climate impacts

In addition to stopping climate pollution, we find solutions to mitigate the unavoidable effects of climate change that threaten our communities and natural systems.

SELC podcast navigates sea level rise in the South.