Climate Change

Climate change is the defining environmental challenge of our time—one we cannot solve in our country without solving it in the South. Our region plays an outsized role in contributing to climate change and our communities are already experiencing more intense flooding and storm events, sea level rise, extreme heat, and vanishing mountain forests and wildlife. While the stakes for our environmental future have never been higher, the opportunities have never been greater—and at SELC, we know the path forward to implement solutions to tackle this crisis. 

A more equitable transportation future

From improving transit and rail systems, to increasing access to electric buses and cars and to cleaning up trucks and ports reducing transportation pollution is a key tool in the climate fight. 

Climate change will take a historic commitment at all levels to stop warming pollution and build resilient communities. But it also presents a historic opportunity: to create good jobs, provide local, abundant, affordable energy and build a stronger, more equitable future. 

Alys Campaigne, Climate Initiative Leader

Helping communities prepare for climate impacts

We’re preparing the South to adapt to climate impacts by utilizing wetlands, floodplains, and forests to minimize damage from floods, extreme heat, and rising sea levels.  

Stopping harmful practices that take us backwards

We’re working to stop the harms posed by fossil fuels and false climate solutions, whether that’s methane gas, biomass, or unchecked development in our fragile coastal plain.  

SELC podcast navigates sea level rise in the South.