Environmental Justice

Due to our region and nation’s history of racism and the systemic impacts it has on all facets of life, communities of color bear witness to an outsized portion of environmental harms. At SELC, we believe that everyone deserves to breathe healthy air, drink clean water, and live in thriving communities free from harmful pollution.

Committing to change

We are committed to working with and seeking out environmental justice partners fighting for change in their communities and beyond.

What is environmental justice?

Learn more about how we’re partnering for an equitable future.

Standing with communities

From fighting pollution and revitalizing neighborhoods to elevating local voices in decision making, we stand alongside Southern communities as they face dangerous pipelines, polluting industries, and destructive highway expansions.

Healthy communities need transportation

Neglect of public transportation systems and other alternatives to passenger vehicles, combined with past urban renewal projects and redlining, created the perfect storm for a public health and climate crisis. We work with partners and localities to provide solutions for a more equitable transportation future.

A healthy environment for all.

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