People and Communities

We believe that everyone deserves to breathe healthy air, drink clean water, and live in thriving communities free from harmful pollution. We must overcome powerful forces and interests to defend that basic right. We take on the toughest issues in court, in government, and in partnership with our communities. We tackle the full range of environmental challenges facing Southerners, from advancing cleaner transportation to fighting environmental inequities.

Fighting for environmental justice

Due to historical patterns of racial and economic injustice, people of color and poorer communities unfairly bear the brunt of environmental harm. We work with partners to ensure that everyone receives equal protection of environmental laws.

A healthy environment for all.

Cleaner, more equitable transportation future

The South’s outdated, auto-centric approach to transportation fuels climate change, sprawl, and pollution while worsening quality of life. We advance more sustainable rail, transit, and driving options.

Transportation is the leading source of carbon pollution in most of our region. If we are serious about combating climate change, we need to transform transportation policies and investments to ensure a cleaner future.

Trip Pollard, Leader of SELC’s Land and Community Program

Standing with communities

From fighting pollution and revitalizing neighborhoods to elevating local voices in decision making, we stand alongside Southern communities.

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