Press Release | March 22, 2023

Environmental Justice bill reintroduced as the A. Donald McEachin Environmental Justice for All Act   

WASHINGTON—It was announced today that the Environmental Justice for All Act is being reintroduced and renamed the A. Donald McEachin Environmental Justice for All Act.  

First introduced in Congress in 2021, the bill now carries the name of the late Virginia Representative Donald McEachin, who passed away in November 2022 after years of service devoted to advancing environmental justice and fighting for clean air and water for Virginians and all communities outside the Commonwealth.  

“I look forward to seeing this bill move through Congress. It remains a game changer for addressing past environmental harms and stopping further injustice, including helping communities fight against the impacts of climate change. Ensuring basic rights to breathe clean air and drink clean water shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Current and future generations need action on this legislation, especially in honor of Representative McEachin’s devotion to this work,” said Nat Mund, SELC’s Director of Federal Affairs.  

Aside from the name change, the bill remains the same, seeking to explicitly prohibit environmental injustice and discrimination based on race, color, or national origin. It would also establish various advisory boards and programs to address disproportionate impacts federal laws and decisions have had on public health and the environment in communities of color, indigenous communities, and communities where residents have lower wealth. 

“This bill establishes a clear path to hold polluters more accountable than ever,” said Chandra Taylor-Sawyer, leader of SELC’s Environmental Justice Initiative. “This bill, coupled with the unprecedented influx of federal investments in underserved, overburdened communities has the potential to make an unprecedented positive impact on those that have been dealing with higher levels of pollution, bad siting decisions, and inadequate cleanup of toxic materials for decades.” 

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