Press Release | January 11, 2021

New bill puts Virginia on the road to cleaner air

RICHMOND, Va. — Today, Delegate Lamont Bagby put forth a bill to reduce car pollution and make electric vehicles more accessible in Virginia.

“The Clean Cars bill takes a significant, long-overdue step to curb tailpipe pollution from cars and trucks in Virginia, and it will help increase the availability of electric vehicles. It’s good for our health, it’s good for our environment, and it’s good for consumers,” said Trip Pollard, leader of the Southern Environmental Law Center’s Land and Community Program. “Transportation is by far the leading source of carbon pollution in Virginia. If the General Assembly is serious about addressing climate change, it needs to pass this bill.”

Virginia lags other states in addressing transportation pollution and this bill would enable Virginia to join 14 other states in implementing more stringent tailpipe emissions standards and a specific goal for zero emission vehicles in the state.

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