Press Release | March 12, 2018

SCC Accepts Evidence that Pipeline Will Cost Virginians $2 Billion

New information means no job creation in Commonwealth

Charlottesville, VA— The Virginia State Corporation Commission today accepted evidence that Dominion’s plans for building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will indeed be passed on to customers in Virginia. The expert testimony describing the $2 Billion increase in customer costs that will result from this unneeded pipeline was submitted before the Commission in a hearing on behalf of clients the Natural Resources Defense Council, Appalachian Voices, and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.


“This is proof positive that Dominion’s pipeline will not cut costs to customers but instead increase our bills,” said Southern Environmental Law Center attorney, Will Cleveland. “Its further evidence that Dominion’s original promise, that the pipeline would save customers money and spur job growth in the Commonwealth, has disappeared.”


This comes as Dominion’s pipeline developer partner Duke Energy recently announced the price tag of the ACP increasing from $5 billion to $6 – 6.5 billion, calling into question how much higher customer bills will go.


Although the Commission accepted into evidence that customers will pay billions extra for the Atlantic Coast pipeline, the Commission’s order overlooked several other areas that impact customer’s wallets, such as Dominion’s flawed energy forecasts that lead directly to over-investment in unnecessary and expensive projects in Virginia. 


The SCC will have another opportunity later this year to address just how much Dominion will be allowed to charge customers for the pipeline.



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