Press Release | May 3, 2023

SELC statement on Dominion Integrated Resource Plan

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Recently, Dominion Energy filed its 2023 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) with the State Corporation Commission (SCC).  In the submission, Dominion details how it plans to meet electricity needs and demands over the next 15 years, mirroring the “all of the above” approach Governor Youngkin is advocating.

The utility’s expanded reliance on fossil fuels stands out and works against the state’s requirements for reducing emissions as laid out in the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

In response, Southern Environmental Law Center Senior Attorney, Nate Benforado, released the following statement:  

“Disregarding the law, Dominion is proposing to increase emissions significantly, spending billions on new fossil fuel power plants and unproven, risky, and expensive technology like small modular nuclear reactors. Dominion suffered major legislative losses during the past session, and now rather than providing a credible attempt to model a sensible, low-cost path to a zero carbon grid, Dominion appears to have decided it is politically and financially expedient to double-down on fossil fuels and embrace Governor Youngkin’s anti-clean energy rhetoric. What this political document shows is that Dominion does not really care about the climate or its customers; Dominion will flip its position on a dime to squeeze more profits from its customers. Virginians deserve better.”

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