Press Release | June 9, 2021

SELC Statement on NC Offshore Wind Announcement

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Today North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper issued an Executive Order directing investment in offshore wind, setting targets for ambitious growth in wind energy by 2040. In response to the announcement, SELC North Carolina Office Director Derb Carter released the following statement:

“Across North Carolina we’re already feeling the consequences of climate change and adopting clean energy will help us avoid the worst climate impacts while gaining economic benefits. Offshore wind can be a significant part of North Carolina’s transition to clean energy, as long as it is carefully developed to protect sensitive marine and coastal environments, from endangered whales and fisheries to onshore wetlands. However, we need urgent action to reduce carbon pollution today and the multi-year process for wind will not achieve this, even though it is an important part of a long-term clean energy plan for our state. The most immediate short-term opportunity lies before us next week, so we hope the Governor will support a petition for rulemaking on June 15 that would enable North Carolina to join a regional effort to aggressively reduce carbon emissions from power plants, while also laudably pursuing the state’s abundant solar and offshore wind resources and enormous energy efficiency potential for a clean energy future.”

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