Press Release | May 3, 2019

Virginia Carbon Reduction Plan Could be on Hold

Governor fails to veto budget restriction aimed at program

Today, Governor Northam elected not to veto a provision in the budget bill aimed at preventing Virginia from participating in a regional, market-based program to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Although the State Air Pollution Control Board approved the regulation just a few weeks ago, there is now uncertainty about how the program can be implemented due to the funding restrictions.

“It is a disappointing decision by the Governor,” said Nate Benforado, attorney at the Southern Environmental Law Center. “Although members of the General Assembly should never have inserted this provision into the budget, the Governor had the opportunity to strike it and fight for this program, but opted not to. If we are ever going to make progress on climate change, we need to start now. Elected officials across Virginia must come together on climate solutions. The health of our citizens and the future of the next generation are not partisan issues.”

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