Press Release | May 7, 2018

Virginia SCC Defends Rights of Renewable Customers

Rejects Dominion’s “green tariff” monopoly move

Virginia SCC Defends Rights of Renewable Customers
Rejects Dominion’s “green tariff” monopoly move


Charlottesville, VA—The Virginia State Corporation Commission sent a clear message today when it rejected Dominion’s request for approval of a renewable product that would have eliminated the utility’s competition from selling renewable energy to large commercial companies.

 “This is a victory for Virginia businesses and the Commonwealth as a whole. The more options customers have when purchasing clean energy, the better — whether that means self-generation, community solar projects, or, as is the case here, the right to purchase 100% renewable energy from several different companies,” said Peter Anderson, Virginia Program Manager, Appalachian Voices. “Competition in clean energy helps keep prices reasonable and empowers customers to choose what’s right for them.”

Under current Virginia law, third party companies can sell 100 percent renewable power directly to customers unless the customer’s utility offers a separate 100 percent renewable tariff like the one Dominion proposed. 

SELC represented Appalachian Voices in this hearing at the SCC.

“The SCC did the right thing in protecting commercial customers in Virginia and we hope they take the same close look at Dominion’s request when it comes to residential customers and their rights,” said Will Cleveland, attorney Southern Environmental Law Center. “Boxing out third parties from providing renewable energy will only stymie renewable energy in the Commonwealth and keep customers from having choices.”

A similar case is pending hearing before the SCC in which Dominion is proposing a “green tariff” that targets residential customers.



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