Press Release | February 19, 2021

Virginia Senate approves landmark clean cars legislation

RICHMOND, Va. — Today, the Virginia Senate approved a landmark bill to reduce car pollution and make electric vehicles more accessible in Virginia.

“The Clean Cars bill will be the most significant step Virginia has taken to curb tailpipe pollution from cars and trucks. It’s good for our health, it’s good for our environment, and it’s good for consumers,” said Trip Pollard, Southern Environmental Law Center’s Leader of the Land and Community Program. “Transportation is by far the leading source of carbon pollution in Virginia. Today’s vote signals that the General Assembly is serious about addressing climate change.”

The Virginia House of Delegates passed the bill on February 1. The bill now goes back to the House to vote on whether to accept the amendments, all offered by the patron Delegate Lamont Bagby, added in the Senate. The bill would then go to the Governor Ralph Northam for his signature, and the Northam administration supports the bill.

This bill will enable Virginia to join 14 other states in implementing more stringent tailpipe emissions standards and a specific goal for zero emission vehicles.

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