Press Release | August 31, 2022

Youngkin administration lacks authority to end Virginia’s participation in RGGI

RICHMOND, Va. — Today Acting Secretary of Natural and Historic Resources Travis Voyles announced the Youngkin administration’s intent to file a Notice of Intended Regulatory Action, beginning a process that would end Virginia’s participation in the successful Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. In response to the announcement, Southern Environmental Law Center Senior Attorney Nate Benforado released the following statement:

“RGGI has already proven it reduces pollution at the same time that it brings in desperately needed resources. But instead of supporting this popular program to reduce carbon pollution, the Youngkin administration has consistently sought to take unlawful action to end Virginia’s participation in RGGI — despite the fact that neither the governor nor regulators have the authority to do so. The lawmakers who do have that authority in the General Assembly know RGGI is already delivering real resources to Virginians on the frontlines of climate change. 

“It would be a colossal mistake to pull out of a program that is helping utilities reduce their costly reliance on fossil fuels, and helping Virginians solve real problems they often can’t afford to tackle alone. Ending Virginia’s participation in RGGI would only hurt Virginians.”

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